Database of Dante’s places

The website was created and is edited by Prof. Andrea Gazzoni of the University of Pennsylvania. The site hosts the first interactive map of all the places mentioned in the three songs of the Divine Comedy. In total it records 340 places and 724 mentions to these places.

Pictures utilised in this website

The header image is a partial reproduction of the fresco The Divine Comedy illuminates Florence, which is located in the Cathedral of Florence. Work by Domenico di Michelino based on a drawing by Alesso Baldovinetti, he saw the light in 1465. In the painting Dante appears with a copy of his Comedy, between the three otherworldly worlds described in it and a view of Florence. (source Wikipedia).

The image of the site icon is a partial reproduction of the canvas “Portrait of Dante”, which is located in a private collection in Geneva. Work by Sandro Botticelli, it is dated 1495. (source Wikipedia).